Discussed and addressed questions on supplementations of DHA and sn2 palmitic acid to infant formula.

Healthy eating linked to kids' happiness (NEW!)

Healthy eating is associated with better self-esteem and fewer emotional and peer problems, such as having fewer friends or being picked on or bullied, in children regardless of body weight, according to a new study. Inversely, better self-esteem is associated with better adherence to healthy...

Lipid Metabolism In Neonates And Infants

Reviewed the correlation of specific fatty acid intakes and developmental outcomes focusing DHA and sn2 palmitate and their role in developing infant.

Choline and Choline Metabolite Patterns and Associations in Blood and Milk during Lactation in Dairy Cows (NEW!)

Reported the changes in choline metabolites profiles in bovine milk through lactation suggesting that infant formula match these profile in human milk.

Stool and GI outcomes in infants fed high sn2 palmitate with or without oligofructose formulas, a double-blind, randomized clinical trial

High sn-2 palmitate and combining with OF in infant formula reduce stool palmitate soap, with softer stool and other effects also found in the latter.

Iron Intake And Human Milk Fat Globule Membranes In Neuro Development

Reviewed the role of iron supplementation, delayed cord clamping, and key proteins of the human milk fat globular membrane in early neuro development.

The Role of Palmitic Acid in Infant Nutrition

The high sn2 palmitic acid has been shown to improve calcium absorption and other health outcomes when added to infant formula.
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Previous studies have shown both the differences in myelination between exclusively breastfed and exclusively formula-fed infants. This  milestone publication also looks at how the varying...


Nutrition and the infant gut microbiota (NEW!)

The infant microbiota colonization process runs in parallel with immune system maturation, affecting intestinal physiology and regulation. Accumulating evidence suggests that microbial exposition...


Maternal omega-3 rich-diet linked to improved infant problem solving

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids were highlighted again in a Norwegian study that demonstrates the positive effect a maternal diet rich in the oil can have on a child’s problem-solving...