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  intro Introduction to Science At Home. Dr. Liz Greenstreet
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Levels of cholesterol, gangliosides and iron in breast milk are associated with early brain myelination in 3-month-old infants – preliminary findings Dr. Nora Schneider
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Glutamatergic Gene Expression Mediates the Relationship between Gut Bacteria and Recognition Memory in Context of Milk Oligosaccharide Intake Dr. Jonas Hauser
  Icon for speaker Early Life Supplementation with Blends of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) Improves Cognitive Functions in Models of Cognitive Flexibility and Memory Dr. Jonas Hauser
  Icon for speaker Sialylated HMOs are Shaping the Development of Cognitive Functions Dr. Jonas Hauser
  Icon for speaker Early Life Presence of 6’SL Alters Microbiota, Early Life Brain Gene Expression and Long-Term Potentiation Dr. Jonas Hauser
  Icon for speaker A Positive Correlation between Breast Milk 3’-Sialyllactose and Language Development during Early Infancy Prof. Weili Lin


Professor Weili Lin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Prof. Weili Lin

Dr Johan
Dr. Jonas Hauser Neuroscientist Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Jonas Hauser

Dr Nora Schneider
Dr. Nora Schneider Lead of Neurocognition group Wyeth Nutrition Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Nora Schneider


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