Q&A from the 9th Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Summit with Dr. Colin Cercamondi


Dr. Colin Cercamondi, Senior Research Clinical Scientist, in Vevey, Switzerland addresses the unanswered questions surrounding his talk about 'Bioactive nutrition: Human milk and milk-derived oligosaccharides' from the 9th Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Summit. 

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Dr. Colin Cercamondi

Dr. Colin Cercamondi

Senior Research Clinical Scientist, Wyeth Nutrition, Vevey, Switzerland


During this podcast, Dr. Cercamondi will discuss the following questions:

  • Based on current evidence, what is the optimal microbiome trajectory for healthy infants? 
  • What is the role of HMOs in that development? 
  • How do MOS compare to HMOs in terms of compositional and functional properties? 
  • What is the major difference between HMO and other Oligosaccharides such as GOS/FOS, particularly in relation to brain development?