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Q&A podcast from the 9th Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Summit with Dr. Nora Schneider

Dr. Nora Schneider, a child psychologist and head of Neurocognition at NR in Switzerland, addresses the unanswered questions surrounding social skill development in young children from the 9th Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Summit.   

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During this podcast, Dr. Schneider will discuss the following questions:

  • What is the correlation between social brain development and early learning in children? 
  • If a child did not develop milestones, e.g. social competences at the toddler and preschool stages, what can be done to help them?
  • How do genetic and non-genetic factors (such as training and diet) interplay to affect Executive Function outcomes in children? 
  • What is the mechanism by which better myelination supports Executive Functions in children? 
  • What is the relationship between executive function and learning ability? Is Executive Function a dimension to measure academic performance?