The Learning Lead - Volume 1, 2024: Can Early-Life Nutrition Influence Myelination In Healthy Formula-Fed Infants?

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Learning Lead Volume 3 2023

Early childhood is a critical foundational period to establish brain function in the future. During this time, brain development is at an all-time high, with over one million new connections developing every second. Myelination is an essential process that supports brain connectivity and has been positively associated with cognitive performance later in life. As a result, this period highlights the importance of providing optimal nutrition, as nutritional deficiencies such as iron, vitamin B12, and folate have been associated with hypomyelination, altered myelin composition, or impaired myelin synthesis. Studies have demonstrated that early-life nutrition is a significant and modifiable factor that can influence myelination and cognition, and that breastfeeding offers the best benefits for infants. Therefore, this highlights the opportunity to improve developmental myelination for later cognitive and learning outcomes. 


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