Q&A from the "What is Learning?" video series with Dr. Jonas Hauser

Dr. Jonas Hauser Nestlé Research, Lausanne, Switzerland

In this short podcast Dr. Hauser answers four questions focused on the fascinating world of HMOs and their potential role in infant cognition. (listening time 14minutes).”

Dr. Jonas Hauser

Dr. Jonas Hauser

Neuroscientist, Nestlé Research, Lausanne, Switzerland

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During this podcast, Dr. O'Neill will discuss the following questions:

  • Evidence suggests that HMO 2’FL is associated with cognition in infants. What is the consequence for infants who do not have high levels of 2’FL in their milk?
  • What is the mechanism behind 2’FL specifically being associated with cognitive development?
  • Pre-clinical evidence suggests that the vagus nerve may play a role in allowing HMOs to support brain functions. What do we know about vagus nerve development in infants?
  • Will different HMOs affect different brain areas or functions?