Q&A podcast from the 9th Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Summit with Dr. Barry O'Neill

Dr. Barry O’Neill Nestlé R&D, Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Barry O’Neill, Senior Scientist in brain health at the Research Center in Switzerland, addresses the unanswered questions surrounding his talk about "Brain and cognitive development – a focus on myelination and executive functions" from the 9th Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Summit.

Dr. Barry O’Neill

Dr. Barry O’Neill

Cognitive scientist, Senior Scientist in brain health, Nestlé R&D, Lausanne, Switzerland

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During this podcast, Dr. O'Neill will discuss the following questions:

  • Which factor affects children’s brain and intellectual development more, genes or environment? 
  • How do epigenetic factors affect brain development, especially myelination? 
  • At what age can we say a child is fully developed in executive functions. Are there notable indications to suggest this? 
  • Is there any room to reverse brain damage caused by lack of essential nutrients?