Q&A from the "What is Learning?" video series - The Role of Cognitive Stimulation for Learning - Dr Sanja Budisavljevic

Sanja Budisavljević, PhD

During this podcast, Dr. Budisavljevic will discuss the following questions (listening time : 8 minutes)

  • At what age should parents start to focus on cognitive stimulation and where can healthcare professionals find advice on optimal cognitive stimulation?
  • How can cognitive stimulation be measured in trials and how can you control for the child’s home environment?
  • Can children who are born into unfortunate circumstances catch-up on missed opportunities for cognitive stimulation later on?
  • How does cognitive stimulation protect against adversities that affect brain development and learning, such as poverty and malnutrition?
Sanja Budisavljević, PhD

Sanja Budisavljević, PhD

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